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The #1 Reason Why Your Instagram Isn't Growing

April 15, 2018

It must be the algorithm, right? Well...not exactly.





It's true! The #1 reason your Instagram isn't growing is because you're too focused on what you can't control: likes, comments, followers, how often your content is being seen. You can't control that stuff. You can't control how this algorithm affects your profile, and you can't control how the next one will.


Okay, I know that sounds really bleak and harsh but it's true. 


The major "hack" that people do to grow their Instagram is join an engagement pod. Engagement pods are groups of people in a similar industry that follow, like, and comment on each members posts. They can certainly help boost your likes, follows, and comments if that is the only thing you're looking for. But most business owners on Instagram are trying to convert followers into customers. Joining an engagement pod ensures that you're engaging with people in your same industry that will never buy from you. You have a ton of follows, likes, and comments from people that don't want to do business with you. And instead of interacting constantly with your ideal clients, your compelled to interact with other people in your engagement pod.


Why waste your time trying to "hack" the algorithm when you can spend your time focusing on the things you CAN control.  The things that are authentically YOU.


Here's what you CAN control:

Your visual brand- Cohesive colors and visuals

Your brand voice- What you're saying in your captions; your message.

Interaction- Responding to all comments; ask a question back; encourage DM's

Consistency- How consistent you are with the above; how often you post


In a world of constantly changing social media algorithms, just focus on you boo!




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