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How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Story

April 12, 2018

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Instagram Stories and it's no secret that Instagram is a huge fan of Instagram Stories. This feature's ability to connect and generate direct engagement is off the charts and perfect for people that aren't yet comfortable going live.


There are many built in additions that Instagram Stories offer to its users: text, emojis, GIFS, polls, location tagging, hashtags, and tagging other people/brands. Aside from making your story more visually appealing, they can increase both engagement and reach.




1. Utilize polls- This is a no-brainer. Poll your followers and use that info to tailor your content around what they want to see and engage with.


2. Swipe up!- Even if you don’t have this feature (generally only given to verified IG business accounts or accounts with over 10K followers). When a person swipes up during your story is automatically opens up the “send message” field. So if you want to encourage people to DM you, this is a great way to do it!


3. Be careful- of posting too many of the "I just posted a new photo go show it some love" stories. Why? If you’re just looking for likes on a photo this is going to get old to your followers and fast. Use this tactic sparingly like when you’re launching a new product/ program or have a big announcement that you don’t want your followers to miss!

*If you're speaking in your IG Story, PLEASE also include something contextual (text, a poll, etc). How many people do you know that keep their phone volumes up throughout the day? This could be a big reason why you're not seeing a lot of engagement with these types of stories. If you're talking and my volume is off then I'm tapping to the next story.




1. Tag your location- Use the location feature to make it as broad or as specific as you want. Your story will appear in an additional story on the Explore page with other similarly tagged locations allowing for others near you (or if you wanted to reach new clients in a certain location you can use that too!) to find you!


2. Use a hashtag- Similar to the location, when you use a hashtag on your story, your story will now appear in an additional story using that hashtag. At the moment you can only use ONE clickable hashtag and this needs to be done using the hashtag feature and not the text feature.


3. Do both- Pretty straight forward. Tag a location and hashtag in your stories to be featured more and get found more. When you look at your views, you’ll be able to see how many people have viewed your stories from the location and hashtag stories.

* If you don’t want to completely cover your stories with these additions..or you don’t want your followers to know what you’re hashtagging or where specifically you are, you can “hide” them. You can cover them with emojis, stickers, and even text blocks.


If you utilize these tips I guarantee you’ll start to love Instagram Stories as much as I do!

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