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5 Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making on Social Media

January 31, 2018

One of my first and most popular blog posts was about potential mistakes you're making on social media that you don't actually realize are hurting you. Since that seemed to provide a lot of value, I decided to bring the post back and expand upon it! Are you making these 5 mistakes? Let's discuss why they're mistakes and how you can fix them.




1. You're posting photos with too much text

There is a major difference between posting a photo of a quote and a photo of a menu/ flyer/ or other text based document. This especially happens on Instagram and that is where it is most detrimental. Instagram is a visual platform first with the option to elaborate via the caption. The Instagram dimensions often make it very hard to read a lot of text and although there is the zoom option, it's an extra step for a person to make. If you have something in depth to explain, post it in the caption or post a great quality photo/video and use that as some sort of call-to-action like "If you want to see our full menu, visit the link in our bio" or "If you want more information on my latest workout program shoot me a DM". Encourage your followers to take further action to directly connect with them.


2. You're photo/video quality is not good

Be picky with what you post. If the photo or video quality is bad or doesn't represent your brand in a professional way, consider not posting it. Think of your social media as your portfolio, the best of the best. Use a professional photographer or the highest quality smart phone photos/videos. Personally, I think the Android smart phone video quality is overall very poor and difficult for people to watch if they don't have a droid themselves. 


3. You're not paying attention to your paid social media advertising

Boosting your posts on Facebook and paying for advertising can be a really great investment. But you must pay attention and monitor them to make sure they are relevant and you're making the most out of the money you're spending. If you're advertising for specific dates or a specific event, be sure that the ad ends as soon as the date passes or the event is over. If you're advertising for an event or special that took place 3 days ago it looks incredibly unprofessional and it's confusing to your clients and people that may not yet be customers. 


4. You're using 3rd party applications

Pay for a few hundred followers/likes and look like a pro, right? The new Instagram and Facebook algorithms are going to be hitting accounts hard that are using third party apps to garner un-authentic likes, followers, and engagements (this goes for "pods" too). This new algorithm is pushing for quality over quantity, profitability over popularity and this is a GOOD thing for brands.


5. You're posting too much at once

Anything you do that can make you come across as a "bot" or spam account will get your account flagged and you'll see your organic reach go way down or worse, you're account will be shut down. So posting too many photos at once (and not using the multiple upload feature on Instagram), posting too many comments, following too many accounts at once, all seem like suspicious bot-like activity. This even goes back to #4, using 3rd party applications and belonging to engagement pods all send a red flag to Instagram and Facebook that you're not being authentic. Having a ton of photos and content is actually a good thing. Save them for a rainy day when you don't have anything immediate or relevant to post.


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