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3 Interactive Content Ideas You Need In Your Social Media Plan

January 24, 2018


Before scheduling or hitting send on your post it's important to do a quick, what I like to call, "ego check".  Of course, you and your team think that everything you post is a gem but if it's not giving value to your client you may want to rethink it.


I talk a lot about creating content that your audience wants to engage and interact with. Brands that don't put out this type of content will begin to see their organic reach on most major social media platforms go way down (see the latest Facebook algorithm update). Brands that are garnering authentic interaction, likes, and follows will continue to see success on their social media marketing.



Try implementing one or all of these into your social media strategy to include more interactive content:



Trust me, I know Facebook and Instagram Live can seem really daunting and awkward but you cannot completely shut the idea of ever doing one out. The engagement numbers are off the charts. People comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. If you're still not completely comfortable with making your LIVE debut, videos are still a great engagement tool. Keep it quick, informative, and entertaining. 



People LOVE free stuff and winning. If you have the ability, run a contest or giveaway. This is such a win for brands because not only does it boost engagement from existing followers and clients, but you'll see a spike from new potential customers. There are so many ways to do contests and giveaways but start off by encouraging your followers to share the post as their entry or tag someone in the comments that they think would enjoy your company.



Ask you audience open-ended questions that encourage them to reply with their unique answers. Use Instagram Stories poll feature and actually use those insights to shape the type of content you post.


Are you looking for content ideas? E-mail me today and I'll get started on generating unique content ideas for your social media platforms!

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