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Why Consistency Is the Key to Any Social Media Strategy

December 8, 2017

 Having a social media presence for your business, at this point, is an absolute must. When developing and implementing a strategy, there are a lot of things to take into consideration: What type of content will I post? Where will I post it? When will I post it?


Whatever you decide, the key is to be consistent.  A lack of consistency from you can lead to a lack of interest (and unfollows) from your followers. 


Keep your brand consistent.

This means that all of your photos should have a similar look. Using Instagram? Limit yourself to using one or two filters for all of your photos. The captions should all sound like they're coming from the same brand voice. Have a small set of go-to hashtags. The goal is for someone to instantly recognize your brands account just by seeing a photo, video, or reading a post.


Keep your activity consistent.

Set a realistic schedule for your social media postings. This not only helps keep you on track, but it gives your followers an idea of what to expect. Maybe you start off posting one new blog a week or posting every other day on Instagram. If you set a unrealistic goal or, worse, post without any sort of schedule in mind, it's going to be confusing for your followers and they won't know what to expect from you. One week you're all over social media and the next your completely absent. Did you go out of business? Did you forget about your social media? Even if you might have a surplus of content one week, save some of it, you never know when you'll need it! If you are going to miss a regularly scheduled post, let your followers know: "No new blog post on Friday. But in the meantime take a look at ..."


Keep your persistence consistent.

One post could make your brand go viral but until then you have to continue to put in the work every day. Just like building a business, building your social media following takes time and persistence. 



Consistency in social media is key because it tells your followers that you're relevant, it inherently tells them what to expect from you, and it shows a commitment from you. 


Having trouble staying consistent on your social media platforms? Shoot me an e-mail and we can put together a plan that works for you!


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