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3 Social Media Mistakes You're Making and How You Can Fix Them

November 27, 2017

Running a small business takes passion, energy, and most importantly, TIME. So maybe that means you're not completely up on the latest social media trends, faux pas, or algorithms. Fear not! Making mistakes means that you're trying. And of course you are, you're an entrepreneur after all! 


Here are 3 mistakes I see small businesses and professionals making on a regular basis with 3 simple fixes!


1. All of your social media platforms are linked

I get it, it's an easy work around when you don't have the time to post on each individual platform. But there are a few reasons this is a serious mistake. For one, it can come off as lazy. Let's just say that some platforms aren't friends with other platforms.


So when you post something on Facebook and have it linked to your Twitter it looks like this:


And when you post something on Instagram and have it linked to your Twitter it looks like this:


 The key is to not make your followers, customers, or clients do take any extra steps (ie. clicking a link that sends them to the identical post on a different social platform). So how can you fix it?


Schedule your posts using social media managers. You can do this for free (or for a small fee) with tools like Buffer and HootSuite. By doing this, you only have to go to one place to schedule out similar posts for each platform but also have the ability to tailor it to each individual platform (like taking out links for Instagram captions and taking out hashtags for LinkedIn posts).


It looks clean, saves you time, and makes your followers happy.


2. You mass upload

So you forgot to post. You forgot to post for a week. Yikes, time to post all of the photos/ articles/ videos at once, right?


WRONG. Uploading a ton of content at once is a quick way to get un-followed. Your followers like you a lot, but they don't want their feed to be all you (unless it's your mom and then yes, she probably doesn't mind).


Quick fix? This one is easy. Instead of posting each photo on Instagram, for example, post a handful using the new multi-add feature. This will post your photos like a photo album on Facebook. Your followers will see one post with multiple photos.




On Facebook and LinkedIn, schedule out your posts for 3-5 hour increments.



3. You don't engage

Think of social media as a constant conversation. If someone compliments you in person, you (generally) don't ignore them and go on with your day. If someone says they're having a problem, you (hopefully) don't leave them hanging. This should be your exact mentality when you approach your social.



Your posts on social shouldn't just be a digital portfolio. Your posts should make someone want to comment and should make someone think. Ask questions!


Engagement doesn't end on your page either. You can use social media to network with other small businesses or professionals that you admire. Don't be afraid to like and comment on other businesses social media. Create relationships.


BONUS TIP: When your followers/clients tag you in posts, use those as testimonial posts and thank them and tag them as well. User generated content is a win-win. It saves you time, gives you extra content and by re-posting it shows a little extra love for the people that help your business succeed. The more user generated content the better!


If you're making any of these mistakes or think you may be making others, e-mail



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