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©2018 Samantha L. Russo

I’ve been there…

Constantly running myself into the ground week after week only to come up short in my fitness & weight loss goals. I couldn’t figure it out. What was I doing wrong?!


Maybe I was just “big boned”. Maybe I had a slow metabolism. Maybe I just wasn’t like other women, I couldn’t look like them.


These were the things I told myself because the information I was consuming failed me. The magazines, the infomercials, social media—all of it—was wrong.

I’ve taught my clients how to properly fuel their body without eliminating food groups.

I’ve taught my clients how to feel confident in the gym & lift weights to tone up.

I’ve taught my clients how to not only love the way their body looks but love the way it FEELS.




I’ve helped dozens of women lose weight, sky-rocket their self confidence & self-love, feel more energized and most importantly feel confident & enjoy living a healthy lifestyle!


I want you to be next!

My 3-month, 1-on-1 fitness & nutrition coaching includes:


Customized nutrition goals specific to your goals

Customized workouts (at home OR in the gym) specific to toning up

All of the support & resources you need to make LONG TERM success possible



Are you ready to get your dream bod?