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©2018 Samantha L. Russo

Fall short of your 2018 fitness goals?

Are you struggling to meet your weight loss goals?


Are you unsure of what exercises to do or lack confidence in the gym?


Are you confused by what you should be eating to lose weight & tone up?


Do you need the support & motivation to help you take control of your life?

Don't wait until 2019 to get your dream bod!

I’m Samantha Russo, an online fitness & nutrition coach. I spent most of my life believing that I could only eat salads to lose weight and I’d have to torture myself with hours of cardio at the gym after eating something I deemed “bad”.  After college I decided to compete in pageants and that’s where I began to learn about lifting weights and how to eat for the bikini bod I desired.  Since my competition days ended, I decided to obtain my personal training certification and specialty in fitness nutrition. I’ve learned the essentials to helping women live a balanced lifestyle while achieving and maintaining a body they are proud of!


Why not you!?

This 8-week group coaching program includes:

  • 8 weeks of workouts you can do at home or at the gym

  • Online exercise video library

  • Custom nutrition programming & education

  • Private Facebook group with other participants for support & motivation

Aren't you sick of saying "This is the year I'll lose weight," ?!

Let's do this!

It's your last chance to work with me before the new year.

Get the body you want to feel confident & energized heading into 2019!